Kinox KUF (Urinal with Concealed Sensor) EU 02O (Outwall Automatic Urinal Flusher) EU 01 (Automatic Urinal Flushers)
Kinox KUF
(Urinal with Concealed Sensor)
EU 02P
(Outwall Automatic Urinal Flusher)
EU 01
(Automatic Urinal Flushers)

About Urinal Flushers

Urinal flushers provide automatic flushing system that works without touching any thing. They are stylish, easy to use and durable. It gives a royal look in commercial areas. Automatic flushers are god send gift for the people who don’t like to get sick, while going to public rest room which are the colonies of bacteria. Due to non flushing reasons the foul smell arises in rest room which can be eliminated with the help of automatic urinal flusher. Automatic flusher uses 300 liters of water after used by the 100 persons which was more before the use of it.

Basic Features of Automatic Urinal Flusher

  • It has Human and intelligent designing.
  • It has safety features like unfailing and safe performance.
  • It is easy to install. It is thin in size so you can install it on wall easily.
  • It has automatic flushing system trough that we are able to save water.
  • If it is not in use, it consumes only 0.50mW (DC) of power.
  • Adjustable infrared detection distance is 40 - 70cm.

Function of Urinal Flusher

  • Hygienic: the whole flushing process is done by the flusher itself, with high cleanness and efficiently. The hands-free feature keeps you free from bacteria and infections, especially in publicly available wash rooms.
  • Intelligent: adjusts its flushing intelligently, which can save water more efficiently.
  • It consumes less power in comparison of other conventional flushers.
  • Convenient maintenance: There are water regulating valve and strainer inside through which regulation and cleaning can be done easily.
  • It will flush at least once if not used within 24 hours.