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Shoe Shining Machine - KSM5 Phantom Shoe Shining Machine - KSM6 Shoe Shining Machine - ESM3
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ESM 4 (With Sole Cleaner): shoe shining machine
ESM 4 (With Sole Cleaner)
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Ideal For

Ideal For: Hotel, Restaurant, Factory, and Shopping Malls.

Shoe Shining Machines

Automatic shoe polishing machine is machine which is operated by the infrared system. In this we have to insert our shoe after inserting the shoe in it, the sensors in it get activated and the soft brush present in it starts rotating automatically and removes the dust from the shoe. Then press the shoe towards the nozzle which contains the cream polish, it is dispense through the nozzles. It is present under the black and brown brush. This all process is completed in just 30 seconds and your shoes are well polished.

The shoe polishing machines are available in two types: First is executive deluxe which is fully automatic with the electronic timer. And the second one is Esteem which is semi-automatic with the electronic timer. Shoe polishing machine can be operated manually, in which machine remain on as long as switch is ON. By this we can shine our shoes any time or anywhere. They are very light and easy to carry in the pocket and it contains natural cream polish.

With the help of this shoe polishing machine people’s get rid of getting hands dirty or black due to polish. This shoe polishing is time consuming job which can be easily solved by using auto shoe polishing machine.

Features of Shoe Polishing Machine

  • It has dual speed to polish the shoes.
  • It cleans and polishes the shoes in few seconds.
  • They are compact and completely portable.
  • These machines are suitable for offices, hospital, household, and travel.
  • They are battery operated. It contains 2 cans of shoe polish and 2 polish brushes.